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How to Take Care of Your Sewing Machine?

You have spent a long time reading all reviews about the best sewing machine for beginners (at this post to pick your right one. With a newcomer of sewing world like you, the machine is not a small investment. You wish your sewing machine shall be running well for a long time. Even though your machine is durable, it still needs taking care to last long. In this article, let me show you some tips of caring for your sewing machine.

Read the manual thoroughly

Each sewing machine has its typical technical features. You should understand your machine well so that you can treat it well. Using in a wrong way may ruin your sewing machine. In addition to making your device long-lasting, following the manual may help you to make use of the machine’s functions.

You should understand your machine well

Keep Your Sewing Machine Covered

Dust is the enemy of every machine. It makes your machine work less efficiently. And the product shall gradually stop working. Keeping the device in a cover may protect it from dust, water, or even bugs. You should also dust inside the bobbin case with a cosmetic brush regularly.

Change Needles Regularly

You might have read  Tips To Buy A Good Sewing Machine For Beginners On A Budget and known that a quality needle is necessary. But no matter how good the needle is, it still needs changing regularly. You might forget how hard it is working every day. Dull needles may break your designs. Sewing experts recommend replacing needles every eight hours or every time you finish a project. Besides, you should change or adjust the needle that is suitable with your fabrics as well.

Used Compressed Air to Remove Lint

Like the dust, you may not want the lint to go inside the motor. Compressed air can help to remove lint and thread from feed dogs, tension discs and the bobbin area. Keep the nozzle a fair distance away to make sure that you don’t invite any moisture into the machine. One more tip is to use new qualified thread to reduce the lint amount.

Oiling the Machine

Like almost other machinery, sewing machines need oiling periodically. Oiling the motor and other moving parts may help them to run smoothly. However, keep in mind that you must use no oil but specific oil for a sewing machine. You can get it at any craft stores. Remember to read the oil using manual carefully so that you know how much oil you should use.

Find an Experienced Professional to Repair Your Machine

Sewing experts recommend replacing needles every eight hours or every time you finish a project

Do not self repair your sewing machine unless you are a professional. Sewing machines have their own technical features, and so does each type of sewing machine. The experienced expert has enough skills and knowledge to fix sewing machines in the best way. You can also have the manufacturer to repair your sewing machine, especially in warranty time. The manufacturer must understand its own product, and you can save a huge amount of money. Therefore, choosing a machine with good warranty policy is never a mistake.


Despite that you have picked the best entry level sewing machine, taking care of your sewing machine is very important in making it long-lasting. Accordingly, you are able to save a huge amount of repairs. I am sure that these tips are helpful no matter what brand of the sewing machine you are using.