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5 Easy Sewing Projects For Your Dog


You love sewing presents for all your family and friends—why not contain man's best friend in the lineup as well? Pet stocks, especially custom ones, can be quite pricey but are surprisingly simple to create yourself. A bit of special hardware such as the best heavy duty sewing machine for leather is all you need to get started creating your very own leashes, collars, toys, and more. Here are a few more opinions to get your pup kitted out in style!



1, Cold Weather Jacket

For our most modest canine mates, cold weather is as hard on them as it is on us. A quick, fuzzy jacket is an excellent design to keep them toasty for midwinter walkies. This tutorial will walk you throughout the process. Opt for materials that are strong and easily washable, like cotton/polyester blends, which also have the convenience of being stain resistant.


2, Burrow Beds

Does your dog adore to dig and burrow into blankets? Give them their own little nest by constructing a burrow bed! It's got a built-in blanket that's securely attached, so your puppy won't need to keep taking yours! Check out this delightful version for a step-by-step example to designing your own heavy duty upholstery sewing machine.


3, Jingle-Free Collars

If you want other choices to jingling dog tags, add sew-on designs to your pup's clothes! This is a great way to add your dog's name and owner contact information in a way that can't be lost as long as he's wearing his collar. There are tons of options available for custom labels, including those done in leather, which makes it easier than ever to create these trendy collars. If you make dog-friendly items to sell, consider adding these to your inventory! You may need a help from your heavy duty upholstery sewing machine to make a perfect bed for your dog.



4, Pupper Placemats

Dogs do not have a reputation for being the tidiest eaters. Spare your floors by making water-resistant placemats to put under their food and water dishes. Materials like vinyl or other laminated fabrics are perfect for projects like this, as they easily wipe clean. They do have a tendency to slide on wood and tile, however, so depending on your floors, you might want to make a double-sided version featuring a less slippery material, like canvas, on the reverse. This one may be designed by hand.


5, No-sew Chew Toys

All right, so these aren't technically a sewing project for your dog, but only because there's no sewing required! For dogs that love to chew, sturdy braided chew toys are a great alternative to materials like rawhide, which can cause digestive problems, and bones, which are tough on their teeth. Old t-shirts and jeans are great materials to up-cycle into chew toys! Learn how to braid your own and keep your pup happy and busy. Your basic sewing machine will allow you to create a funny world for your pet! Let’s get started!