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Industrial generators have a variety of types, origins as well as different brands. So what kind of industrial generator is good? Ways to choose the right generator for your actual needs. Let's join our Vo Gia company to find out the above issues. Hope the following article will provide you with a lot of useful information. What is Industrial Generator? Industrial generator is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is responsible for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. The actual mechanical energy sources can be steam turbine engines, water turbines, internal combustion engines, wind turbines ....and other mechanical energy sources. Currently, industrial generators play a role in ensuring electricity in the fields of industry, healthcare, and daily life. In particular, industrial generators are backup power sources for production and business processes. To ensure the smooth production and business process. Avoid production and economic losses related to unsecured grid problems. Classification of industrial generators Industrial generators play an important role in maintaining and ensuring power. Ensure maintenance of production and business activities. For many factories, companies, hospitals, television stations, hotels.. The industrial generator is an indispensable item in the design process. Diesel generators Diesel generators have many advantages over some other types, so they are widely applied in practice. With the top advantage of long life, low maintenance costs. With diesel engines, maintenance time is 2-3 times compared to gas-powered engines. For example, a typical diesel engine requires maintenance for 12,000 to 30,000 hours of operation. As for the gas engine, it must be maintained after 6,000 hours to 10,000 hours. Generators using diesel engines usually generate less heat than generators running on gasoline. Moreover, the operating costs of diesel generators are also lower.. Therefore, diesel generators are the most used in practice. Natural gas generator Generators that run on natural gas are usually liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas. Stored in the storage tank as the gas supply. This is one of the new clean, environmentally friendly fuels. The price of gas generators is usually relatively high compared to gasoline generators. Meteorological, liquefied petroleum gas usually costs less than diesel. But the cost of operating a gas generator is relatively large. Moreover, gas generators are usually much bulkier than gasoline generators. Gasoline generator Gasoline-powered generators are usually less expensive than diesel generators. However, gasoline engines have the disadvantage of short maintenance time and easy wear and tear of machinery. Gasoline fuel storage is relatively more difficult than diesel fuel. Therefore, gasoline generators are not used much in the industrial field. Generator spare parts Factors to choose the right industrial generator for your needs To choose the right generator for your needs, there are many criteria. But our company Vo Gia would like to offer a few criteria as follows: Wattage Power supply Engine type Portability How much capacity to choose generator set? To determine the capacity of the generating set to use, we need to know the rated capacity of the equipment and the maximum power consumption when performing the starting process. For example : , an electric motor can consume 3 times the rated power when starting . Therefore, the generating set must be able to provide maximum power to all starting devices at the same time. Selection of engines for generating sets The most common engine used in generators is the internal combustion engine. Therefore, it depends on the operating conditions as well as the available fuel usage. Then we can choose the generator engine that runs on gasoline, oil, or gas. Eg: If you need to use a unit with a large capacity, use a diesel engine. Generators with small capacity, compact, easy to move, use gasoline engine generators. If you have an available gas fuel source, choose a gas or turbine-powered generator. Generator Repair Using a single-phase or three-phase generator set For using generators for household activities, with a capacity of less than 20KVA, choose a single-phase generator. To use for larger capacity, the need to use three-phase motor machinery, use a three-phase generator. Other factors Some other emissions can be evaluated when choosing a generator set. Ability to Adjust Voltage: Units with low investment costs often do not have the ability to regulate the output voltage. If you want to adjust the output voltage, you must install an AVR automatic voltage regulator. Noise level: Some high-priced generators are equipped with a noise-cancelling layer. But in general, most generators have a noise level of more than 100 dB / You can consider

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