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Platinum NYC Realtors: Real Estate Properties

Platinum Properties has been in the service since 2005. We offer smart choices when it comes to Realtors NYC transactions. Aside from being in the real estate industry for more than a decade, we have a results-driven team that will help us to have the compassion to navigate New York City. Our group was well-trained to ensure they have enough knowledge and skills regarding giving you high-quality recommendations. We guarantee to focus on how we treat our clients before we go on with our work. Neglecting our customers is like ignoring the reasons why we exist. That is why, despite everything, we still make sure to treat our clients in the nicest way possible. We offer sales and leasing, commercial and residential, and other properties. At Platinum Properties, we make sure to put our minds to it. We create opportunities for every individual that want our service.

Seeking for a real estate company that will make you feel like a family is like looking for Platinum Properties. We generate innovation that will keep our customers loyal and recommend us to people they know. If you want to be guided by your whole real estate process, you can contact us at or call us by phone: 646.681.5272. Our dedicated team will help you answer the questions you’ve been asking. At Platinum Properties, we have skilled and smart real estate brokers that will assist you in your every real estate choices. You can visit us at 30 Wall Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10005. If you want to drop by our on-site sales and leasing, 225 Rector Place, Ground Floor, New York, NY 10280. We will help you find your perfect space at your most convenient time without compromising the personal touch you want to incorporate.

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