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The Physiotherapy Clinic You Can Trust

Today's the day that you can say goodbye to all of your aches, pains, strains, and sprains. These are but a few of the conditions that the physiotherapists at Lakeview Physiotherapy can help you with. As a well-being facility and clinic operating since 2006 by Gayle Hulme and Nancy Baxter, our mission has always been to provide a better and private environment for our patients. At Lakeview Physiotherapy, you can tell your personal stories. We'd be more than happy to know all about you and help you. We approach every session with a personalized assessment. And that is because Lakeview Physiotherapy wants to give each patient a program and treatment that's tailored to their symptoms and their needs. At the Clinic, you can enjoy a comfy space that's both private and very conducive for your healing process. Our services include physiotherapy, pelvic health physiotherapy, and movement therapy. Lakeview Physiotherapy is also a private, fee for service practice. Payments you make are due at each appointment. Visit for more information!

Lakeview Physiotherapy takes corporate social responsibility very seriously. We love involving ourselves with local community initiatives and events; like the Forzani's Mother's Day Walk, The Weekend to End Breast Cancer, Lakeview Community Association Fun Days, and many more. Lakeview Physiotherapy understands that painful injuries, reduced mobility, and chronic aches can happen. Always know that you are not alone, and there are people willing to help you recover. Together, we can work to improve your physical condition and help you enjoy life to the fullest again.

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