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The Family Law Firm in California You Can Trust

Allegations of domestic violence are a serious matter -- especially in California. Whoever the victims are, it's crucial to get them to a safe place immediately, and a qualified Huntington Beach domestic violence lawyer involved right away. If you're suffering from domestic abuse, you have every right and legal duty to protect your children.

As public knowledge would have it, domestic violence pertains to aggressive action carried out in physical, mental, emotional, or verbal form by a partner, family member, spouse, or date. These are serious issues that require immediate action by a Huntington Beach domestic violence lawyer. We can also help you get a temporary or a long-term restraining order against abusive people in your life.

Domestic violence is not a respecter of social class, culture, or location. It can happen to anyone, and issues like spousal abuse are more common than you realize. And if violence is occurring in your family, it's crucial to seek legal help immediately.

In which case, William M. Strachan -- a Huntington Beach domestic violence attorney, would be glad to represent your case; as well as defend those wrongfully accused of committing domestic violence. We can help you get the legal action you need.