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The Family Law Firm in California You Can Trust

Alimony, also known as, spousal support is the amount of financial assistance available to a spouse during and after a divorce. What an Orange County spousal support attorney does is represent both sides of a dispute. We help a spouse either maximize or minimize the amount of spousal suport the court awards.

Temporary support is available to some spouses during the duration of a divorce proceeding. And either spouse may petition the court for the financial assistance. Afterward, the court will then determine how much support is appropriate for you. However, you must provide proof that you indeed need financial support, and that your spouse has the capability to pay. In this case, a qualified Orange County spousal support lawyer can help you.

Another thing to consider is that courts calculate the financial support you can receive through a variety of factors. For instance, in long-term marriages, spousal support will often continue up until the court terminates the support, a spouse remarries, or a spouse dies. An Orange County spousal support attorney in the law offices of William M. Strachan will help represent you in spousal support disputes and even settle legal issues related to this throughout the Californian state.