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Why You Must Go To A Wellness Center?

Bronte Wellness Boutique a multidisciplinary clinic providing a wide range of individualized treatments to improve patients’ health. Aside from being the well-known Oakville naturopathic clinic, it also provides IV Vitamin therapy, Vitamin Injections, lab diagnostics, massage therapy, and counseling. Their team of Naturopathic Doctors, registered massage therapist and psychotherapists, applying the treatment through evidence-informed therapies. Additionally, it offers nutritional counseling and supplements, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, massage therapy, counseling, and psychotherapy. Their main goal is to promote wellness and make their patients maximize their health’s potential.

When it comes to their naturopathic medicine treatment, the doctors provide a tailor-made service through individualised evidence-informed therapies. They make sure that they will apply the most effective approach. Added to their treatments also is IV vitamin therapy. These therapies can help in boosting energy, support weight loss, relieve headaches and migraines, treat hypothyroidism, help in managing morning sickness, improve skin, hair and nail quality, optimize health and wellness and restore deficient nutrients. Headed by Dr. Samantha Ristimaki BSc ND, the chief medical officer of Bronte Wellness Boutique believes that the foundation of health lies in nutrition and a healthy and active lifestyle. Her mission is to inspire and empower people to feel happy, healthy and beautiful. And for gaining optimal health involves addressing the main health issues.