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Educational Spine Models in Canada


Spine models helps demonstrate realistic motions to connect both patients and doctors; as well as educators and students. They make sure to provide a real-time look at a spinal motion segment -- communicating the mechanical factors responsible for injury as well as identifying the movements that are most favorable for the best outcomes. With the help of spine models, you can study accurately how the spine works in the body. Go to SPINE HEALTH CARE: HOW TO KEEP YOUR SPINE HEALTHY for more information about taking care of your spine.

Our company only makes use of the highest quality materials to generate models that are both beautiful and durable. In addition, they're also interactive, and they make spine education fun. Each and every model that we make is meticulously fashioned and handcrafted in Canada. The individual components of models are imported from the United States. And once again, rest assured that only the best elemental components are used in our production. They are made to withstand repetitive clinical use.